Role Plays provide an interactive way of developing strategies and learning behaviours that are beneficial in certain situations. The list below shows a few titles of the different role plays available on the ICMOS system. They are designed to provide the delegate with confidence and reassurance, helping them to deal with specific job related issues.

Each of the Role Plays has a factsheet associated with the scenario to further cement the knowledge. There is also an on-line 'Credit Coach' who you can click to provide further information and depth regarding the correct way to handle specific situations.
Collection Techniques : "We pay to 60 or 90 day terms"
Collection Techniques : "Send me a copy invoice"
Collection Techniques : "The cheque is in the post" :
Collection Techniques : "Our computer system is down"
Personal Development : "How to deal with Mr. Angry"
Personal Development : "Making the call - an introduction"

The system is being updated constantly and the number of roleplays increased. In addition to our in-house upgrade policy, any user amendments or feedback are scheduled into our rolling programme of development and upgaded at no extra cost to supported members.